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Maryland Reporter Calls Republican Leader a “Chair”

In a State Roundup today, the Maryland Reporter says the following (emphasis added):

“In another piece about the Rascovar column, Diana Waterman, chair of the Maryland Republican Party, writes in that while Mr. Rascovar is entitled to his opinion, the Maryland Republican Party finds his partisan attack on members of the party to be both outrageous and slanderous.”

Konabianca has had the pleasure of meeting Diana Waterman, and she can assure the world that Mrs. Waterman is not a chair.  She is a chairman.  In fact, she is a very human chairman.  And, to get personal about it, she is also a Waterman.

For those unfortunate few who have argued with Konabianca, I present today’s installment of the State Roundup as conclusive proof that feminism and political correctness make even smart people stupid.

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